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Surprise Party


After a tragic incident in her past, Olivia is forced to relive her worst nightmare-a surprise party on her birthday. Her gift comes packaged with deadly and bizarre consequences

Our Mission

After years of being involved in many aspects of film, both in Colorado and in Hollywood, we've developed a philosophy that film should be for everyone. With that in mind, we’ve designed Iron Bison Studios to be an incubator where experienced and new talent can work side by side. 

Whether you are an actor, crew member, writer, editor, or musician, we encourage you to join us. 

We know that not everyone can move to Hollywood to pursue a life in the "business." 

We believe that most of all, making movies should be fun and inclusive. We are actively looking for actors of all abilities.

We support diverse sets, and we're here to learn from each. Everyone has something to contribute. We have worked with a lot of people who now have professional careers in the industry. 

We believe in providing a safe environment for people to stretch their wings and work in a safe, nurturing environment.  All of our sets are safe for children.

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